Tuesday, July 1, 2014

People, you still around?

This e-zine used to be so crazy and interesting back in the day. And we used to be four people updating it, sharing awesome underground music and literature and I can't tell how surprised I'm to see there're still about 30 people a day checking this place. Don't know why or how. So here's some new stuff that's been having in Bulgaria around the people at the non-existend ODP and a-m_e|k.

EUS / Mytrip - Split (2014)

mother spit - carve (2013)

Martin Lukanov & Mytrip - Between (2012)

Mytrip | EUS - Split (2012)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

zev died orchestra - I (2012)

'I' is a personal recollection for times spent away from reality. It incorporates three different views, but also everything unknown occurring in between. zev died orchestra is sometimes gently drifting, but sometimes it is raw. When we reach for the familiar, it is to deconstruct it beyound recognition. However, preparing, performing and releasing those pieces serves the sole purpose of sharing the state of freedom we reach only when exploring music.

released 23 November 2012 by Amek
performed live in Sofia (2009-2012)
mastered by martin lukanov

artwork by valentina gelso

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amek Distro *Updated*

Photos of most of the stuff here and some of the other stuff in discogs here

MYTRIP | EUS - SPLIT (TAPE) // dark ambient / drone
VINCENT KOREMAN - iesus rex (CDr) // noise
THIRDORGAN - Gondmonster of Scottish Flats (CDr) // noise
K2 - Molekular Terrorism (CDr) // harsh noise
MATTIN / GEN 26 / BATUR SONMEZ (3” CDr) // noise
GOKKUN (bg) / ZEBRA MU (uk) SPLIT (CDr) // harsh noise
BAADER / DOTABATA - Terror Patterns (CDr) // Noise
RABBIT GIRLS - Sick Problems (CDr) // noise
ABESTA - Tosco (CDr) // noise
Killer (CDr) // Noise / noisecore
p.o.s.k. - toys (CDr) // Power Electronics
[C.T.D.] - Remains of Deconstruction (3” CDr) // Harsh Noise
YARN' - ERALTET GOTT (CD, Ltd) // суров ембиънт с блек метъл привкус, Русия
INTERIOR DISPOSITION - TAEDIUM VITAE (CD, Album, Ltd) // дарк ембиънт албум в памет на самоубилия се Марко Корбели (Atrax Morgue), Русия
VA - DARK AMBIENT RADIO VOL. 1 (CD, Comp) // дарк ембиънт / дроун компилация с известни и неизвестни артисти от цял свят
MYTRIP - STRUGGLE (CDr, Ltd to 30 copies) // харш нойз, България
NIHILISTIC FRONT - NOISE BOMBING (CDr) // харш нойз, България (издание на чужд лейбъл)