Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

ODP Releases 2007

A collaboration between ODP and - TWO-HOUR-LONG GABBER/HARDCORE COMPILATION. The songs are divided into two cds, the first one includes melodic gabber and the second cd is full of brutal hardcore. The compilation includes awesome tracks by all artists: Zwelwe (including some of his collaborations with Animassacre), Pete Ax, Dark T, Dj Fuck, Ripper, Zansphere, Lothren, Fekal Family, Tool. With the help of the Bulgarian gabba society and portal - the release will be live presented in an upcoming party, but for that more info will be announced later! Go download now, and leave us some feedback!!!

By clicking the link above and downloading the archive you'll be able to hear tracks which we honestly find it hard to describe. Drum'n'bass rhythm combined with sick synths and many other unreal sounds create four short but powerful compositions which you'll definitely put in winamp switching the repeat function on. So download and let the Distorted Sun burn your mind and senses.

Animassacre - Idem (single) [2007] DOWNLOAD
You may have already heard about this last Animassacre release for ODP. We want to tell all their fans and especially haters that all info we spread in message boards, bulletins and blogs is not an effort to offend the band. ODP stands behind everything Animassacre does but we stand against everything and everyone that is on their way! If you have misunderstood our sarcastic words you should reconsider your attitude to your own scene. So don't try to be smart, just enjoy this amazing single. It includes a cover of Bicheto's track "Idem". Download it and let this be a symbol of the collaboration between ODP and Animassacre against the negative attitude of some people to their own underground!

SAKURA NOISE ARE HERE AGAIN. As unexpected as usual but as brutal as always. Their new release is called Deformed Generation. This time vocalized the tracks are an unreal mixture of electronics including industrial, ebm, techno even noise. Don't miss hearing Deformed Generation because honestly this is one THE MOST BRUTAL ODP RELEASES EVER! And one more thing, keep checking our site for more Sakura Noise because a rumour about a song being filmed has been spread.

The first (and probably the only) common TAON and ODP release appears to celebrate the successfully ended protest actions for the freedom of the tiger Shakti.

In the release Unison and Mantis Mating call are uniting to show that the protest campaign was not just a single event but may be a part of a bigger and powerful protest for the rights of the animals. SUPPORT!

A mysterious project with unknown origin joind ODP. After its amazing and memorable debut in our Noisematosis split the project has officially joined us and we are now proud (and rahter confused) to present you the first Sakura Noise release - "Red And Splattered". Download the work and enjoy the five tracks of pure electronic energy that our mysterious samurai noisers have recorded for you. Sakur Noise bio added in Artists section of the site.

Here's the first ODP release for this year. We present you Mytrip's "Realm EP". It includes two tracks of pure ambient. Without pleasant and nice piano melodies, without relaxing percussions Mytrip throws you in his realm of depressive, cyclic and dark sound. Download the release for free and share opinions about it. "Realm EP" is dedicated to the post-apocalyptic realm of Ayanamis Slave.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Squid Juice and Dead Trees

Timothy Bowen Publishing

I'm offering my services to help get books published. I've been in the self-publishing game for shortly over a year now, and have picked up a lot of the tricks since.

My specialty is poetry, being that I'm a poet myself, and most of what I've published so far is poetry books; however, I'm able to help out with any other style of book.

I'm new at this, and don't have a set price I ask for, so I'm willing to negotiate based on needs and income.

Services I provide include:

Formatting and Design- This includes fixing the margins and gutters, page numbering, creating a table of contents, and creating an overall professional feel to book.

Distribution- This includes helping you purchase a unique ISBN and UPC, as well as getting bibliographic data on your book fed to major international bibliographic databases and available to booksellers.

Cover Design- This includes creating cover art for your book, or formatting your own art work to be used as the book’s front or back cover. I can also create custom spines.

Consultation- This includes me discussing your options and reviewing your work. I’ll give you my opinions on what you could do to make your work stronger, give marketing tips, and promise to be completely honest about your talents and capabilities.

I am also broke as hell and could use some donations.