Sunday, December 6, 2009


On 19.12.2009 @ The Box, Sofia there will be one of the few attempts in Bulgaria to satisfy the need for more aggressive and alternative electronic music events. During the conceptual industrial party Abuse Me To Death, Bondage Bunnies and DJ Fanatic will take you on a walk through genres which we can rarely enjoy in our boring country. The girls from Bondage Bunnies will open the event with a powerful industrial/rhythmic noise set which will make your feet and ears bleed. Later DJ Fanatic will continue the abuse with one of his dance-to-death sets. The start is at 23:00, the entry is 6BGN, so put on your favourite BSDM outfit and be ready to be Abused To Death!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bruital Orgasme (Belgium) in Sofia, 24.10.2009

WHO: Bruital Orgasme, Arkhitektur Noir, Simeon Dotkov
WHERE: The Fridge (Sofia, 'Ovche Pole' str. #122)
WHEN: 24.10.2009 @ 19:30ч.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simeon Dotkov - Before Dusk [2009]

‘Before Dusk’ is a conceptual dark ambient/soundtrack album. In sixteen tracks we are slowly introduced to the world of Jenny. Creepy monologues, dusty pianos, slowly evolving soundscapes and satanic chants draw the fragile boundaries of the mental asylum she’s trapped in. We offer you over an hour long walk with her in the endless nightmare, a walk you’ll surely be taking over and over again, once you dare to drown yourself in this obsessive ambience of desolation, depression and tension. Now we are offering you the digital version of the album, soon a limited edition cd-r release will be published!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Man Nation(Сингапур), gokkun, Mytrip @ The Fridgе 31.08

a-m_e|k p_20

WHO: Mytrip (BG) -
gokkun (BG) -
One Man Nation (SG) -
WHERE: ‘The Fridge’ София, ул. ‘Овче поле’ 122
WHEN: 31.08.09 @ 20:00

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Future a-m_e|k plans

Some of the things which will happen in the (near) future:

August 09 - performance of One Man Nation (Singapore), gokkun and more
September 09 - performance of Deepkiss720 (UK), gokkun and some more bulgarian kick-ass artists
September 09 - performances and a lecture of Jeff Cloke (UK) and some more amazing artists
October 09 - performance of mindfuckingboy vs. kismett (Singapore), Dave Phillips (Switzerland), gokkun and other awesome artists
October 09 - ambient performance with special guests Bruital Orgasme (BE) and maybe more
October/November 09 - european tour of gokkun and mindfuckingboy vs. kismett, Dave Phillips, Crno Klank
November 09- performance of Crno Klank (BE), mindfuckingboy vs. kismett, gokkun and other artists
March/April 2010 - performance of Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia) and martin lukanov

also pretty soon we'll upgrade our humble studio with new equipment. The plan is all our guest artists or whoever to be able to come and record nice music here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

[AB]-069 GAAD - Breaking Wheel (2009)

GAAD /Montenegro/ - Breaking Wheel (2009) / Harsh Noise

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mantis Mating Call - Chitin Warriors [2009]

If you had been checking our site back in 2006 you'll probably remember this legendary project and its debut release for our label. We are talking about the power noise insects from Mantis Mating Call! Now they are back with a great release. Recorded quite a long ago but being kept in the archives for better days. And as we are a poor bastards and could not afford releasing it on a cd as planned back in the days we choose to present you the album in the usual way - for free! 11 tracks of pure industrial and power noise music. Evil synths, weird rhythmical structures which will bring you back to the sick insect world of Mantis Mating Call! Download and spread the word that MMC is back on ODP! And one more thing - big ups for Corvin and the sick artwork he made for us!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

[odpcdr001] va - hear / share [2009]

In the last moment we tried to make something special and we actually did. This is ODP's first CD-R release - the compilation 'hear / share'. In it you'll be able to hear 12 Bulgarian artists somehow connected with our label with their own ideas for experimental and underground music.

In the upcoming Martin l, Mytrip and Wayab show on 14.03.09 in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery you'll be able to buy a copy of a limited number cds on a symbolic price ~4, 5BGN. Here's the track list.

01. Mytrip - Ind Unt
02. Wayab - Travelling Towards The Centre
03. Deflax - Xev
04. Siman Tupe - poffs-wups(k240)
05. Martin l - Piece #34
06. Simeon Dotkov - Year Of The Beast
07. shemale ZERO - Zombie Slut F*ck Doll
08. Suicide Fetish - Verdammt
09. Animassacre - Hell Recon
10. Mantis Mating Call - Male Decapitation (Remix)
11. Nikola Marinov - Meet The Cylon
12. Mokushi - Sex, Schranz & Maybe Some Violence

The compilation is made with a promotional purpose and most of the copies we currently printed are going in Europe with Martin l! In case some cdrs remain unsold in Bulgaria we'll write again how and where you will be able to get some before the upcoming second printing after 1, 2 months.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Experimental Performance in Sofia on 14.03.09

WHO Martin l , Mytrip , Wayab
WHERE: Vaska Emanouilova Gallery
WHEN: 14.03.09 @ 17:30h.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


phalanx feat. the white rabbit / hrossharsgrani
[AB]-067 S.P.Q.R. -
Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ / HROSSHARSGRANI /Austria/ split (2009) / Military/Noise / Nordic Rune Industrial/Noise/Ambient

dogprodz / erekta
[AB]-066 Alarm -
Dogprodz /Czech Republic/ / Erekta /Serbia/ split (2008) (net relase 2009) / Industrial/Noise

phalanx feat. the white rabbit / dogprodz
[AB]-065 Rabbit & Dog -
Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ / Dogprodz /Czech Republic/ split (2009) / Harsh Noise

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


tainted corrosive mist
Tainted Corrosive Mist /Germany/ - Through The Mist (2009) / Drone/Noise

microbit project
Microbit Project /Russia/ - Rustling Silence (2009) / Drone/Ambient/Noise

strawberry milkshake inc
Strawberry Milkshake Inc /Russia/ - Sex Bloody Sex (2009) / Power Electronics/Harsh Noise

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009


havoc on fire / obsolete (office equipment)
Havoc on Fire /Bulgaria/ / Obsolete (office equipment) /Netherlands/ split (2009) / Harsh Noise

Deadskin /Canada/ - Days Ov Murder (2009) / Industrial

Monday, February 16, 2009

Experimental Performance 18.02.2009 @ 18:30

Арт Център Алтера се намира в на първия етаж в сградата на Интерпред. До Интерпред (БУЛ. ДРАГАН ЦАНКОВ №36) се стига с трамвай #18 (който може да се хване от Попа в посока горен Лозенец) и се слиза на последната спирка при парк-хотел Москва и руското посолство. После се продължава пеша посока Дървеница покрай тунела на метрото, сградата се намира на второто кръстовище след последната спирка на трамвая, преди моста. Може да ползвате автобус #280 и от спирката на завоя към квартал "Дървеница" да повървите по Драган Цанков в посока Лозенец. Мястото се намира още по-лесно, ако се намирате на Плиска. Заставате с лице към кино Изток и улицата която се пада от дясно води директно към Интерпред(Фредерик Жолио Кюри), сградата е на 5-6 минути пеша.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Net releases [AB]-051/056

ezcaton / phalanx feat the white rabbit
[AB]-056 Hara-Kiri -
Ezcaton /Italy/ / Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ split (2009) / Industrial/Noise/Experimental

dichotomy engine
Dichotomy Engine /Serbia/ - Promo CD (2008) (net release 2009) / Dark Electro/Industrial/Ambient

black bloc
Black Bloc /USA/ - Globalized Resistance The Arming of Our Desires (2009) / Power Electronics

springtime tragedy
Springtime Tragedy /Italy/ - Sentire Il Freddo (2009) / Dark Ambient

SlimeSeeker /Bulgaria/ - The Excess (2008) (net release 2009) / Harsh Noise

SlimeSeeker /Bulgaria/ / Gohatto /Bulgaria/ split (2006) (net re-release 2009) / Sexploitation

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[AB]CDR-001 Opium Solution / Kingdom Silence split cd-r (2009)

[AB]CDR-001 Opium Solution / Kingdom Silence split cd-r (2009)

First cd-r release from ABANDONMENT

Opium Solution / Kingdom Silence - the split is cdr version of the net release! The same dark industrial/ambient trax on white cdr in beautiful black cardboard box!

The split is limited in ONLY 20 copies!!!

To get your copy write to:

Monday, February 2, 2009

In-toxX + Nikola Marinov - First Encounter [2009]

We ended 2008 with a poweful gabber compilation now we are opening the new 'season' with a Bulgarian gabber split. In-toxX and Nikola Marinov combined their efforts and made this killer release. Each artists participates with two tracks. What to expect from the 'First Encounter'. Aggression, darkness, sonic destruction... and if this is not enough we should say a lot of experimentalism is involved in all four tracks in the release. So don't your waste your time reading this crap anymore. Just click below and encounter Bulgarian gabber! Special thanks go to DJ Zwelwe from our brothers for the amazing artwork of the split!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 electroacoustic performances in Sofia

Electroacoustic Performances with Bernhard Gal (Austria)

WHO: gal (soundscapes, AU) + martin l (electroacoustic improvisations)
WHERE: Vaska Emanuilova Gallery
WHEN: 06.02.09 @ 18:00h

WHO: gal (soundscapes, AU) + martin l + vladimir djambazov
WHERE: After Art bar/gallery
WHEN: 07.02.09 @ 20:00h

WHO: gal (soundscapes, AU) + martin l + vladimir djambazov
WHERE: Red House
WHEN: 09.02.09 @ 19:00h

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Net releases [AB]-001/-050

All net releases for now...old and new:

midnight gambler
[AB]-050 Midnight Gambler /Australia/ - Endsum (2009) / Dark Ambient/Noise

phalanx feat. the white rabbit / kristus kut
[AB]-049 Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ / Kristus Kut /Netherlands/ split (2009) / Industrial/Pornoise / Tribal/Ritual Noise

[AB]-048 Twilight /Greece/ - Mini CD (2009) / Ambient/Folk/Experimental

[AB]-047 GAAD /Montenegro/ / Kristus Kut /Netherlands/ split (2009) / Harsh Noise / Ritual Noise

[AB]-046 Opium Solution /Bulgaria/ / Kingdom Silence /Bulgaria/ split (2006) (net release 2009) / Avangarde Ambient/Industrial / Dark Ambient

[AB]-045 BAGMAN /United Kingdom/ - Welcome To My Fucking Misery (2008) (net release 2009) / Power Electronics

[AB]-044 In The Red /Bulgaria/ - Song for Sofia (2008) (net release 2009) / Acoustic Darkwave

[AB]-043 In The Red /Bulgaria/ - The Dark Wave (2004) (net release 2009) / Darkwave

[AB]-042 GAAD /Montenegro/ - The Great Red Spot [signals from deep space] (2009) / Experimental/Noise

[AB]-041 Havoc on Fire /Bulgaria/ - Air Clock Sessions Part One (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-040 Havoc on Fire /Bulgaria/ - Psychocentral Electroism (2008) / Vocal Harsh Noise

[AB]-039 Arcastik Meat Factory /Bulgaria/ - After The Earth Collapse (2008) / Dark Ambient/Death Industrial/Power Electronics

[AB]-038 Planchette /United Kingdom/ - You Invited Me (2008) / Power Electronics/Noise/Black Ambient

[AB]-037 GAAD /Montenegro/ - Cult (2008) / Dark Ritual/Experimental

[AB]-036 [is]CORE /Belarus/ - Gloomy Corridors (2008) / Dark Ambient/Noise

[AB]-035 GAAD /Montenegro/ - Tutankamonov Prdez (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-034 Starvation Ritual /USA/ - Ultimate Headfuck (2008) / Doom/Drone Metal

[AB]-033 Rovar17 /Hungary/ - English Letter (2005) (net release 2008) / Overnoise

[AB]-032 GAAD /Montenegro/ - Unholy (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-031 Zieltogend /Netherlands/ - Levenloos (2008) / Dark Ambient/Drone

[AB]-030 Gruuthaagy /Croatia/ - Balkanische Schweine (2006) (net re-release 2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-029 ANIMAL MACHINE /Poland/ - Induction And Detection Of Mutant Phenomenom (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-028 Halo Effect /Italy/ - New Romantic Industry (2007) (net release 2008) / Industrial/Electro

[AB]-027 ANTI-KonzuMonauti (SKLO /Czech Republic/ / Sonic Disorder /USA/ / Invaders From Mars /Japan/) - 3 way split (2008) / Experimental/Noise / Noise/Minimalism/ / Noise

[AB]-026 ANIMAL MACHINE /Poland/ - A Modern Slave's Brutal Odyssey - EP (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-025 I.M.d.P. /Italy/ - la 66esima cosa (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-024 Razxca /Russia/ & NOSKOVSOLEGS /Latvia/ {split} (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-023 Havoc on Fire /Bulgaria/ / Nihilistic Front /Bulgaria/ split (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-022 DJ Xenoqq /Bulgaria/ vs DJ Ninja Love Mistake /United Kingdom/ split (2008) / 8-bit Speed/Terrorcore

[AB]-021 Chav Stabber /Scotland/ - 33 Degrees And Rising (2008) / Experimental/Harsh Noise

[AB]-020 xoastl /Bulgaria/ vs. sys32.exe /Bulgaria/ split (2008) / Harsh Noise / Desktopcore/Digital Noise

[AB]-019 [is]CORE /Belarus/ - Burned Church (2008) / Dark Atmospheric/Noise

[AB]-018 Vaas62 /Bulgaria/ - Methadone Sky Lounge (2008) / Noise/Mashcore

[AB]-017 Schweiz /Germany/ - Camp Warehouse (2008) / Ambient/Noise

[AB]-016 ARABIAN VULVA /Bulgaria/ - Untitled (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-015 Zen 2099 /USA/ - Stygia (2008) / Industrial/Experimental

[AB]-014 Zen 2099 /USA/ - Icarus Project (2008) / Industrial/Experimental

[AB]-013 Norss /Netherlands/ - Verdoemd, Verlaten, Stervend (2008) / Ambient/Drone

[AB]-012 Lua Nigra /Brazil/ - Lua Nigra (2001) (net release 2008) / Neofolk

[AB]-011 ATER /Andorra/ - EP (2008) / Dark Ambient

[AB]-010 digital.rape /Poland/ & AMPDT /Bulgaria/ (2008) / Experimental/Electronica

[AB]-009 Havoc On Fire /Bulgaria/ - Starcore Vomit - EP (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-008 Nihilistic Front (Bulgaria) / Gokkun (Bulgaria) / t,b.a. (Bulgaria) - 3 way split (2008) / Harsh Noise / Harsh/Minimalism

[AB]-007 Eleven Drops To Sink Into /Bulgaria/ - ... To Defeat Death (promo) (2006) (net release 2008) / Death/Doom Metal

[AB]-006 Not Even Hope /USA/ - Supress Them! (2005) (net release 2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-005 Astral Vomit /Italy/ - To The Gates (2008) / Harsh Noise

[AB]-004 Springtime Tragedy /Italy/ - This Sadness Is Real - EP (2008) / Dark Ambient

[AB]-003 Not Even Hope /USA/ - Native American On The Run (2008) / Experimental/Noise

[AB]-002 DJ Kaos /United Kingdom/ - Demo (2008) / Dark/Industrial/Drum 'n' Bass

[AB]-001 Nihilistic Front /Bulgaria/ - Noise, History, Destruction (2008) / Military Harsh Noise