Saturday, December 11, 2010

[AB]-089 vzlprjt - vzlprjt (2010)

[AB]-089 vzlprjt /Ukraine/ - vzlprjt (2010) / Harsh Noise [76,2 mb] 55:06

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[AB]-088 Brideburger - A&E - EP (2010)


[AB]-088 Brideburger /United Kingdom/ - A&E - EP (2010) / Post-rock/Experimental/Drone [39,1 mb] 36:29

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

[AB]-086 / 087

buttercup insurgent
[AB]-087 Buttercup Insurgent /United Kingdom/ - What We Come To Accept (2010) / Drone/Ambient/Noise [48,3 mb] 35:15

abismo / dios incandescente
[AB]-086 The Humanity's Obscene Face: FACE I (Pestilentia (The Genesis Of The Conception Of The Life In Diseases And Aberrations) Abismo /Brazil/ / Dios Incandescente /Chile/ split (2010) / Extreme Nihilistic Ambient Minimalist Monolithic Drone Doom / Postmodernist Drone Doom [80,6 mb] 51:37

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Distro List

Garruna /GR/ - Atlantis Rising (promo) 'CD-R' / Pagan Metal/Neofolk / selfreleased

Nihilistic Front /BG/ - Noise Bombing 'CD-R' / Harsh Noise / Smell The Stench

Der Domestizierte Mensch (GER) / Hinamizawa Syndrome (BG) / To-Bo (GER) split 'CD-R' / Noise/Dark Ambient/ Shit Noise Records

Obozdur /RU/ - Winter Canabinol Essence 'CD' / Noise / Nihil Art Records

Interior Disposition /RU/ - Taedium Vitae 'CD' / Dark Drone Ambient / Nihil Art Records

Initial Chaos /RU/ - Ego Splitting 'CD' / Synth/Darkwave / Nihil Art Records

Yarovit /RU/ - Simargl's Call 'CD' / Ambient/Folk / Nihil Art Records

Yarn' /RU/ - Eraltet Gott 'CD' / Industrial/Dark Ambient / Nihil Art Records

[AB]-084 / 085

[AB]-085 Nubiferous /Russia/ - Stipa Anomala (2010) / Dark Ambient [178 mb] 1:15:57

abismo / painforged split
[AB]-084 The Humanity's Obscene Face: Abismo /Brazil/ / Painforged /Germany/ split (2010) / Nihilistic Drone Doom/Funeral Drone Doom [88,6 mb] 37:16

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mytrip (BG), gokkun (BG), Gas Masked Lestat (GR), [distopia] (GR) in Sofia & Thessaloniki

WHO: Mytrip, gokkun, |distopia| (GR), Gas Masked Lestat (GR)
WHERE: Mikropolis, Thessaloniki, GREECE
WHEN: 18.11.2010 @ 22:00h
ENTRY: free

LINKS: facebook /

WHO: Mytrip, gokkun, |distopia| (GR), Gas Masked Lestat (GR), Hladna (RUS).
WHERE: After Art Bar, Sofia (ул. „Искър” 11”), BULGARIA
WHEN: 19.11.2010 @ 20:00h

LINKS: facebook /

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[AB]-083 Pushing Task - DIGITALGLOBE (2010)

pushing task
[AB]-083 Pushing Task /Canada/ - DIGITALGLOBE (2010) / Harsh Noise [95,4 mb] 36:38

Friday, July 30, 2010

ODP is getting closer to its end

We're in trouble paying for our domain and hosting, we are also facing difficulties in finding artists willing to share something different with the world for free so maybe it is time to put an end to ODP.

For all people in Bulgaria, now is the time to order the last few copies of the 'hear / share' compilation and help us out to get out of this situation.

However what we released will be forever available for download in and, we'll keep the 3 of you who are still on myspace and are reading this piece of shit complaint.

We really don't want to bury 5 years of struggle, but we'll most likely have to.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

[AB]-082 NASKOVSOLEGS - Music Is Dead (2010)

[AB]-082 NASKOVSOLEGS /Latvia/ - Music Is Dead (2010) / Harsh Noise [92,8 mb] 39:19

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


[AB]-081 Sutra - Der Domestizierte Mensch /Germany/ / To-Bo /Germany/ split (2010) / Industrial Noise [28,7 mb] 12:13

[AB]-080 Pushing Task /Canada/ - Make Trash Not Tracks - EP (2010) / Abstract/Experimental/Noise [49,6 mb] 15:17

[AB]CDR-002 Hal Hutchinson - Abomination (2010)


[AB]CDR-002 Hal Hutchinson - Abomination (2010) / 5 BGN (for abroad - ONLY trade)

D.I.Y. production / 2 long Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) trax on coloured cdr's painted with black spray in red cardboard box!

Limited in 30 copies!

Order a copie:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mokushi - After Man (LP) [2010]

Time has come for Mokushi’s second CD Release, this time a full blown Long Play album with 13 aggressive and dark tracks made especially for one of the most psychotic trips you will experience. Hypnotic, rhythmic and filled with ambience and bass, After Man is a rather unique release that illustrates a world never seen before in this genre. Hardtechno and Schranz blend mystically with many other deformed styles in the devastating LP known simply as After Man. It will teleport you into a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by rusty technologic creatures, rivetheads and ravers… A Cyberpunk bible filled with the darkest and most aggressive techno beats you will encounter.

Simeon Dotkov has a long history with industrial music, producing the sound and vocals for Animassacre, co-producer in the Japanese Industrial Noise band Sakura Noise and even Death Rap instrumentals for a few artists and crews such as Dog Squad. However, the fact is that his mind is made up, and Mokushi is hard on the track to continue producing Hardtechno until the end and maybe even After Man…

After Man LP will be available on Gamma Core Records and Tech Sys parties, but a digital release will soon follow the CD to also infect the Cyberspace…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aeon Art Fest @ After Art 25,04.2010

WHO: mother spit, Wayab, Arkhitektur Noir
WHERE: After Art (Sofia, ul. "Iskar" 11)
WHEN: 25.04.2010 @ 19:00h

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mytrip, Hinamizawa Syndrome, Vacuum Pulse @ After Art 28.03.2010

WHO: Hinamizawa Syndrome, Vacuum Pulse, Mytrip
WHEN: 28.03.2010 @ 19:00ч
WHERE: After Art Bar / Gallery (София, ул "Искър" 11)

Friday, February 26, 2010


pushing task
[AB]-079 Pushing Task /Canada/ - Sacanning Earth For Drones (2010) / Drone [62,8 mb] 31:11

yes chef!
[AB]-078 Yes Chef! /Canada/ - Thermal Bath Hotel (2010) / Harsh Noise/Experimental [68,4 mb] 49:35

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[AB]-077 Zen 2099 - The Sleep Of Reason (2010)

[AB]-077 Zen 2099 /USA/ - The Sleep Of Reason (2010) / Dark Ambient/Industrial [55,5 mb] 37:00

Friday, January 22, 2010

Leatest net releases (old and new)

[AB]-076 NRYY /Japan/ - NRYY (2010) / Harsh Noise [63,0 mb] 24:18

[AB]-075 GAAD /Montenegro/ - P.S.U. (2010) / Industrial/Experimental [16,5 mb] 17:32

phalanx feat the white rabbit / iris traumann
[AB]-074 Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit /Germany/ / Iris Traumann /Germany/ - Mannerwelten - EP (2009) / Electro/Industrial [21,3 mb] 18:52

headless rapist
[AB]-073 Headless Rapist /USA/ - Deviant Pediatrics (2009) / Harsh Noise [17,9 mb] 19:02

baader / ezcaton
[AB]-072 Baader /Italy/ / Ezcaton /Italy/ - Macabro preludio al collasso split (2009) / Harsh Noise/Experimental [67,9 mb] 34:21

[AB]-071 Deadskin /Canada/ - Funeral Direktors (2009) / Industrial [102 mb] 1:13:07

digital.rape /Poland/ - Lost (2009) / Industrial/Power Darkwave [79,6 mb] 36:09

Friday, January 8, 2010

[odp045] Hinamizawa Syndrome - Addiction [2010]

Life is a mixture of random conditions and feelings. During our struggle to live in the most appropriate, the most desired or just the most conventional life we are constantly exposed to distractions usually called needs. Who determines what is good and what is bad, who determines what the difference between addiction and necessity is? Arenât positive and negative just subjective categories to help someone shape our psychics in a convenient way? If you are disturbed by such thoughts we can offer you a short trip in an ambience dedicated to acts of intoxication, of satisfying and overcoming urges. In the debut release of Hinamizawa Syndrome from Bulgaria you can find the perfect soundtrack for a midnight walk inside your own mental environment. During almost half an hour of music you will find a cosy place among the penetrating drones and slowly developing atmospheres, a cosy place with your new addiction.