Saturday, August 4, 2007

Squid Juice and Dead Trees

Timothy Bowen Publishing

I'm offering my services to help get books published. I've been in the self-publishing game for shortly over a year now, and have picked up a lot of the tricks since.

My specialty is poetry, being that I'm a poet myself, and most of what I've published so far is poetry books; however, I'm able to help out with any other style of book.

I'm new at this, and don't have a set price I ask for, so I'm willing to negotiate based on needs and income.

Services I provide include:

Formatting and Design- This includes fixing the margins and gutters, page numbering, creating a table of contents, and creating an overall professional feel to book.

Distribution- This includes helping you purchase a unique ISBN and UPC, as well as getting bibliographic data on your book fed to major international bibliographic databases and available to booksellers.

Cover Design- This includes creating cover art for your book, or formatting your own art work to be used as the book’s front or back cover. I can also create custom spines.

Consultation- This includes me discussing your options and reviewing your work. I’ll give you my opinions on what you could do to make your work stronger, give marketing tips, and promise to be completely honest about your talents and capabilities.

I am also broke as hell and could use some donations.

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