Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deflax - Mirrors [2008]

Have you ever faced something that scares you to death but in the same time fascinates you so much you just can’t help thinking about it. This is absolutely what we felt when we first heard Deflax’s debut release for ODP - "Mirrors". This record is probably the darkest piece of work we’ve released for these almost three years online. 12 tracks of pure darkness. Deep dark atmospheres are collaborating with intoxicating drum loops, creating amazing soundscapes. All of these are filled with so much creativity, feelings, memories and inspiration that you start wondering if this isn’t a direct gaze in the depths of its creator’s instead of a musical product. So click on the link below and face Deflax’s mirrors, because as it was said in a Mytrip song once - "Mirrors are where you touch reality..."

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