Friday, March 13, 2009

[odpcdr001] va - hear / share [2009]

In the last moment we tried to make something special and we actually did. This is ODP's first CD-R release - the compilation 'hear / share'. In it you'll be able to hear 12 Bulgarian artists somehow connected with our label with their own ideas for experimental and underground music.

In the upcoming Martin l, Mytrip and Wayab show on 14.03.09 in Vaska Emanouilova Gallery you'll be able to buy a copy of a limited number cds on a symbolic price ~4, 5BGN. Here's the track list.

01. Mytrip - Ind Unt
02. Wayab - Travelling Towards The Centre
03. Deflax - Xev
04. Siman Tupe - poffs-wups(k240)
05. Martin l - Piece #34
06. Simeon Dotkov - Year Of The Beast
07. shemale ZERO - Zombie Slut F*ck Doll
08. Suicide Fetish - Verdammt
09. Animassacre - Hell Recon
10. Mantis Mating Call - Male Decapitation (Remix)
11. Nikola Marinov - Meet The Cylon
12. Mokushi - Sex, Schranz & Maybe Some Violence

The compilation is made with a promotional purpose and most of the copies we currently printed are going in Europe with Martin l! In case some cdrs remain unsold in Bulgaria we'll write again how and where you will be able to get some before the upcoming second printing after 1, 2 months.

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