Saturday, July 4, 2009

Future a-m_e|k plans

Some of the things which will happen in the (near) future:

August 09 - performance of One Man Nation (Singapore), gokkun and more
September 09 - performance of Deepkiss720 (UK), gokkun and some more bulgarian kick-ass artists
September 09 - performances and a lecture of Jeff Cloke (UK) and some more amazing artists
October 09 - performance of mindfuckingboy vs. kismett (Singapore), Dave Phillips (Switzerland), gokkun and other awesome artists
October 09 - ambient performance with special guests Bruital Orgasme (BE) and maybe more
October/November 09 - european tour of gokkun and mindfuckingboy vs. kismett, Dave Phillips, Crno Klank
November 09- performance of Crno Klank (BE), mindfuckingboy vs. kismett, gokkun and other artists
March/April 2010 - performance of Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia) and martin lukanov

also pretty soon we'll upgrade our humble studio with new equipment. The plan is all our guest artists or whoever to be able to come and record nice music here.

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