Friday, January 8, 2010

[odp045] Hinamizawa Syndrome - Addiction [2010]

Life is a mixture of random conditions and feelings. During our struggle to live in the most appropriate, the most desired or just the most conventional life we are constantly exposed to distractions usually called needs. Who determines what is good and what is bad, who determines what the difference between addiction and necessity is? ArenĂ¢t positive and negative just subjective categories to help someone shape our psychics in a convenient way? If you are disturbed by such thoughts we can offer you a short trip in an ambience dedicated to acts of intoxication, of satisfying and overcoming urges. In the debut release of Hinamizawa Syndrome from Bulgaria you can find the perfect soundtrack for a midnight walk inside your own mental environment. During almost half an hour of music you will find a cosy place among the penetrating drones and slowly developing atmospheres, a cosy place with your new addiction.

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